About Me

Allow Me To Introduce Myself..

I’m Lakeisha! I am the founder and creator of “The Pilot Wife Travel”. I am a mama to three rambunctious boys! They are truly the light of our lives! I am married to my amazing husband who is currently a corporate pilot!

I teach full time third grade in Missouri and also homeschool my 8 year old! Yes, busy, busy, busy! We also plan to become full time worldschoolers in 5 years!

Oh, and I’m vegan! I chose veganism two years ago and have never looked back!

I created this blog to share all of my tips, stories, trials, and adventures on our journey! As a young mother, teacher, and wife I have had to learn a lot over a short amount of time!

Our life is full of ups, downs, wins, and losses, but throughout it all I will continue to find the “joy in our journey”

Let the Journey Begin,