The “Why” Behind The Journey

When I was younger I dreamed of being a movie star. Yes, a movie star. It was right around the time the movie “Freaky Friday” premiered starring Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis. Now, after seeing The Parent Trap I was obsessed with Lindsay Lohan (I was young, okay). I thought to myself if only I could get into acting then I would become famous and travel the world. That was my first dream.

Then there was my modeling. I modeled for a few years during my freshman year of high school. I just knew that modeling would be my way to get into the industry and be able to travel the world. (Anyone else seeing a trend here?)

Well needless to say, my modeling dream didn’t take off as originally hoped but I knew that there was something else out there for me.

High school, college, marriage, kids, and a booming (ish) career later, and here I am.

I discovered that through my many dreams and passions that have come in and out of my life, one thing has remained the same: Travel.

Now, before you go off thinking that this is just “another travel blog”…let me explain.

See, travel is my passion. But so is teaching, motherhood, my marriage, and our crazy yet wonderful life being in the aviation field.

These things all wrapped into one are what I love.

Each day when my husband packs his suitcase I know that he is getting ready to climb aboard a metal car (in essence) and blast off into the sky. On those days it is my faith that keeps me grounded and allows me to manage our “Frat House” at home.

That “Frat House” with our boys is my safe haven. A place where I am the Queen. A place where I am free to explore all of my passions and dreams and the boys just smile and enjoy the ride.

That is my why.

Why I wanted to share our journey.

Why it is so important to fuel your passions no matter what they are.

Everyone has a story so,

Welcome to our Journey.


Lakeisha ❤

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